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Anti-Slip Car Dashboard Mat & Mobile Phone Holder Mount with Car Perfume

Anti-Slip Car Dashboard Mat & Mobile Phone Holder Mount with Car Perfume

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Silicone + PVC


29.5 x 22.5 x 5.5 Cm

Box Content

1*Radium Dashboard mat

1*Mobile Holder

2*Aroma Sticks

6*Number Strips


Easy to apply, Easy to remove, Easy to clean. No special tools or training required to apply or remove. Easily washable in tap water. NOTE: For Mobile Holder, Just remove the sticker at the back of the holder and place it properly at the designated place so that it doesn’t fall on Bumps and Bad roads.

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Anti-Slip Mat

Special non-skid & anti-slip under coating at the base which sticks to one place, flat or curved. It is made up of PVC & Silicon Material giving you a better Holding Strength. Does not fall on bumps or even when hard breaks are applied, thus keeping all your belongings safe.

Mobile Holder With Number Plate

Comes with a Mobile Phone Stand that can accommodate even 6.5 inch or bigger phones with regular cases. It comes with Parking Phone Number section specially designed for others to contact you in case you park your vehicle wrong. Also, there is a flap to cover your number in case you don’t want someone to invade your Privacy.

Car Perfume

Its not just a Mat or a Mobile Holder, But also acts as a Car perfume which removes the Bad Odours of your Vehicle and provides you with a Fresh Citrus Fragrance. The Silicon Flap with Aroma written on it can be removed and 2 Perfume Sticks (Provided with the package) can be placed inside and you are good to go.

Radium Night Glow

The Mat Comes with Radium White Lining Which glows at night increasing the interior quality of your car. It absorb the light energy during the day and can emit cool lights at night. (The radium Lighting does not hinder your driving experience as it’s a very soft light)

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